A Dent In The Garage Door

car backed into garage door making damage


Garage Door Accidents

I use to consider myself to be a pretty good driver until yesterday, but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the dent in my garage door. A simple mistake and slip of the hand resulted in my car backing into the garage door and bending it outward so it wouldn’t even open. I tried to bend the door back into place by myself with my hands, what a joke because I wasn’t nearly strong enough. I tried using some pliers and other tools, and even pressing it to my chest area and using my body weight to force the door back into place, so I could out and go to work, but that didn’t work either.

car backed into garage making damage

I had to give it up when I realized that the only way to fix it would be to call a professional service company. The technician repairman arrived quickly and took a closer look at the door and determined that not only was the door bent pretty bad, but the track and rollers on which the door slides was also bent out of shape. The track could be fixed by removing the affected portion of the frame and replacing it and the top roller. The door itself was beyond repair and it did require a new one to be installed. Believe it or not, overall the experience was not too bad because the repairs were done quickly and it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I had first thought.




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Emergency Garage Repair After The Storm

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